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Brain Injury Caused by semi-truck
$3,190,852.40 Jury verdict for a young child who suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident caused by a semi truck pulling out onto the highway
without warning.

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Broken Leg caused by motorcycle accident

$50,000 for injuries including a broken leg in a motorcycle accident caused by another motorist.

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Adult child died in auto accident

$400,000 verdict for the mother of an adult child who died in an auto accident.

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Semi Accident

$360,825.18 The verdict for a woman who had a cracked vertebrae and a consortium claim in an auto accident with a semi truck

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Faulty Bridge At A Golf Course Resulted In Injuries

$120,000 Settlement for a broken arm and injured shoulder from a fall on a faulty bridge at a golf course.

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Engineering Malpractice

$212,000 A settlement for a developer from a engineering firm for engineering malpractice

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Motor Vehicle Accident Causes soft tissue injuries

$50,000 Soft tissue injuries suffered in motor vehicle accident.

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Injuries Suffered By A Dog Bite To A Child

$130,000 Injuries suffered by a child with developmental delays who was bitten by a dog on his face.

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Semi Collision Caused Traumatic Brain Injury

$2,871,767.16 Verdict for a child who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a collision caused by a semi truck

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Auto Accident Injuries

$68,559.81 Settlement for a woman who suffered multiple injuries in a automobile accident.

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Auto Accident Soft Tissue Injuries

$50,000 Settlement for a couple that was in an auto accident where both sustained soft tissue injuries

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Motor Vehicle Accident - Broken Bones

$100,000 Recovery for injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident including a dislocated shoulder, broken arm and broken wrist

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Uninsured Motorist

$50,000 Recovery from an individual’s own auto insurance policy when he was injured in an accident caused by an uninsured motorist

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Gourley, Rehkemper & Lindholm

Physical Therapy

The only phrase that can best describe physical therapy is “no pain, no gain.”  There is no more challenging and difficult phase of injury recovery than physical therapy.  While it is far and away the most difficult and painful, it is also the most important as well.  A surgeon can perform the perfect surgery, a doctor can provide the perfect diagnosis and treatment, but if the patient does not follow through with the physical therapy requirements, it will all be for nothing.

purpose of physical therapy

The purpose of physical therapy is to get the patient back to the best possible condition and level of functioning that they could hope to achieve following an injury.  An invasive surgery such as an open reduction requires that the skin be cut and the muscles pulled away from the bone or joint area.  Many times, medical hardware, such as wire, screws and plates are used to secure a fracture during and after the surgery.  It takes a considerable amount of time and immobilization for the bones and muscles to heal.  During this time the muscles that remain immobilized are experiencing atrophy and the joint strength and mobility is also significantly decreased.  As a result, physical therapy is necessary to strengthen the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joint as well as to improve range of motion.

"no pain, no gain"

Most injuries to joints require painful range of motion therapy where the joint is forced to bend and extend further than it did before.  The physical therapist may grow a devils tail, horns and carry a pitchfork but while they seem to be enjoying torturing you it is truthfully for your own good.  The more you can tolerate the quicker and better your recovery will be.

physical therapy vital to insurance claims

Physical therapy is also the most significant area that an insurance company and defense lawyer will focus on to discredit and minimize an injured person’s claimed damages.  Physical therapy records will be reviewed by trained professionals and scrutinized for anything that could be characterized as non-compliance. 

Not a single missed appointment will be ignored. 

The reason for his is that the law provides that a person must do everything reasonably within their ability to minimize their damages and anytime they are making a claim.  For this reason, it is imperative that both the injured person and their friends and families do everything in their power and abilities to follow through with and successfully complete the recommended physical therapy.  It will not only increase the value of the case, but most importantly it will ensure the fullest recovery possible under the circumstances.

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Personal Injury Lawyers

If you have been injured in a car accident, whether it is the result of someone else's negligence, recklessness or disregard for you or your family's safety, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with your rights, fault and no-fault insurance, teen or unlicensed drivers, and benefits available to you for medical care, surgery, periods of unemployment, medical leave, emergency room care and long term care or rehabilitation.

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